We help you to carry out any scale of project with strong expertise.

We are with you all the way from creating a business plan to launching production in RAS-farm.

We can also train your personnel. We offer extensive training on RAS-farming and farm engineering, from basics to advanced skills.

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1. Feasibility studies:

  • Example of a feasibility study.pdf
  • Preplanning of recirculating aquaculture systems and choosing suitable process technique and tanks
  • Investment costs, operating costs, and cash budget estimate
  • Business plans
  • Production plans
  • Resource evaluations (water need, electricity, personnel…)
  • Environmental impacts (sludge, nitrogen and phosphorus loads…)

2. Analyzing existing plans or studies

3. Finding eggs, fingerlings, and brood fish

4. Recruiting personnel

5. Training and lectures

6. Development work

7. General consulting

8. Mapping out problems

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