You have a goal, I will help you reach there.

If your aim is to build a functioning aquaculture system, minimize risks, and achieve the best possible result, you have come to the right place.

Hi, my name is Pekka Marttinen.

I have a BSc degree in Fishery and Environmental care from Turku University of Applied Sciences.  

I have worked in several RAS-farms since 2002. My extensive work experience has gained me a broad practical experience and expertise in multitude of areas in RAS-farming.

During 2002-2015 I worked as a fish farmer, farm manager, and managing director in many RAS-farms in Finland, which produced pike-perch, sturgeon, eel, and grayling.

I founded RAS-Consulting in 2015 and since then I have been an entrepreneur.

I live in Imatra, Finland with my wife and two amazing children.

Lake Saimaa and river Vuoksi in Eastern Finland have offered me an incredible setting for fishing and outdoor activities. I appreciate the diversity of nature, and my career choice was made early.

Pekka Marttinen RAS-Consulting
Kalankasvatus kalanviljely
Self-built Recirculating Aquaculture System as a hobby

I am passionate about my work and I truly enjoy what I do. When I work with my customers, my most important aim is to give a realistic overview of RAS projects and elucidate challenges and opportunities of the field.

Fish and water create an ecosystem which must be observed, interpreted, fostered, and kept as stable as possible. I like to think that one must learn to “live the ecosystem”. This way one learns to interpret the system and detect the undergoing changes.

My passion for the field is evident in the recirculating aquaculture system which I built on the yard of my house. This system is a home for several different fish species.

In the future, I want to bring the field of fish farming up to date and get involved in the innovation work that seeks to modernize RAS-farming.

With RAS-Consulting you will not be left alone with your challenges, and my expertise guarantees that your project is finished in the set schedule and in the best possible manner.

For this reason, RAS-Consulting is the most suitable partner for you.

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Customer feedback

Our customers have been highly satisfied with us.

Read below what our customers have said about our services!

We worked with RAS-Consulting in a project which included planning and building recirculating aquaculture system as a learning environment and production of learning material.

Pekka’s project management is brilliant, and his work is characterized with strong expertise on RAS-farming. Pekka does not compromise and working with him is safe as well as enjoyable.

Antti Forsman

Vocational college LIVIA

We conducted a feasibility study for a RAS-farm in Mikkeli, Finland in the fall 2020.

Cooperation with Pekka was excellent, and we gained valuable information for evaluating the feasibility of the project.


Juha Kauppinen

Mikkeli Development MIKSEI Ltd

RAS-Consulting has proven to be a reliable partner in various aquaculture development projects with us.

Long experience in hands-on RAS-farming, but also up-to-date knowledge in technological and husbandry issue makes RAS-Consulting a very potential collaborator in business and RDI-projects of many sizes and types.

Jouni Vielma

Natural Resources Institute Finland