RAS-Consulting helps you to build better Recirculating Aquaculture System.

Minimize risk factors and map your way towards desired result with RAS-Consulting.

Our services are offered globally.

Why should you use aquaculture consulting services in your RAS project?

RAS-farm is a complex system, where each individual sector plays an important role. In the beginning of your project, you probably have several concerns, such as cost-efficiency, quality of the product, or the level of cost price.

Understanding Recirculating Aquaculture System in its entirety might be challenging.

RAS is not as simple as marketing makes it look like, and for this reason you should turn to RAS consult.

Working with RAS consult helps you to avoid mistakes, minimize risks, gains you a better understanding of your project and maximizes your chances to reach desired end results.

With RAS-Consulting you are in competent hands and you will not be left alone with your questions.

RAS-Consulting offers consulting services for planning and managing Recirculating Aquaculture Systems.

We offer our strong expertise for any scale of project.

Our services will help you all the way from creating a business plan to launching production.

The most important mission of RAS-Consulting is to give you a realistic overview of your project and to help you avoid making mistakes.

Each RAS-farm is unique, and therefore it is important that all equipment and processes are chosen especially for your project.

To make sure that you will not face unnecessary costs, we are pleased to work as a mediator between farm supplier and customer. We are not collaborating with farm suppliers, which makes us an objective partner for choosing the best solution for you.

RAS-consulting helps you in risk identification and in building and maintaining a functioning fish farming system. For the best possible productive and economic result, RAS-Consulting is here for you!

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